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  Among thousands of people, you meet those you've met. Through thousands ofyears, with the boundlessness of time, you happen to meet them, neither earlier nor abit too late.

  2、生命中,不断地有人离开或进入。于是,看见的,看不见了;记住的,遗忘了。生命中,不断地有得到和失落。于是,看不见的,看见了;遗忘的,记住了。 然而,看不见的,是不是就等于不存在?记住的,是不是永远不会消失?

  There is someone that is coming or passing away in your life around the clock, soyou may lose sight of those seen, and forget those remembered. There is gain and lossin your life, so you may catch sight of those unseen, and remember those forgotten.Nevertheless, doesn't the unseen exist for sure? Will the remembered remain forever?


  Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of asmall number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.


  Happiness is accompanied by sorrow, and it would turn sunny after rain as well.If rain remains after rain and sorrow remains after sorrow, please take thosefarewells easy, and turn to smilingly look for yourself who is never to appear.


  I wouldn't care success or failure, for I will only struggle ahead as long as Ihave been destined to the distance. I wouldn't care the difficulties around, forwhat I can leave on the earth is only their view of my back since I have beenmarching toward the orizontal.


  Some may be wicked, and some may be despicable. Only when I put myself in theirposition did I know they are more miserable than I. So forgive all that you have met,no matter what kind of persons they are.


  Complaints are the greatest offerings that God obtains from human beings, as wellas the most faithful prayers human beings might utter to God.


  Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.Alterwhat is changeable, and accept what is mutable.


  Like the outcome after an exam, death makes us aware of anything, That is, it'stoo late to take a tumble.


  It's true that we have been leading a difficult life, for we need not only to beunder various external pressures, but also to be in the face of internalperplexities.You would be affected by the warmth of life if someone gives you aunderstanding look during your bitter struggle.Even a mere glance would make youmoved and inpired.


  From that you would get angry with your friends, we can conclude you sitll careabout the friendship between you.

  12、令狐冲说“有些事情本身我们无法控制,只好控制自己。” 可是,他算什么!

  Something is out of our control, so we have to command ourselves.“ saidLinghu Chong, a known character in a Chinese novel about persons adept in martialarts(武侠小说?)。 Who is, however,


  When you were born, you're crying but lookerson were smiling. When you arepassing away, you're smiling but lookerson are crying.


  Wisdom appears in contradiction to itself, which is a trick life plays onphilosophy of life.


  Pentinece is something that enervates our spirit, causing a greater loss thanloss itself and making a bigger mistake than mistake itself, so never regret.


  Be sure that you have never had any regrets in your life which only lasts for afew decades. Laugh or cry as you like, and it's meaningless to oppress yourself.


  While our dream is confronted with the reality, you always feel painful. Justtrample on the pain, or you'll be beat down by it.


  Everyone has his inherent ability( power or capacity?) which is easily concealedby habbits, blurred by time, and eroded by laziness( or inertia?)。


  Man might think that few women fit him before his marriage, and contrarily whenthey get married.


  Apart from tears, only time could wear everything away. While feeling is beingprocessed by time, conflicts would be reconciled as time goes by, just like a cup oftea that is being continuously diluted.


  It can be inferred that you lack confidence in a victory over your rivals fromthe fact that you're irritable against them.


  ”You couldn't see my tears cause I am in the water.“ Fish said to water.”But I could feel your tears cause you are in me.“ Answered water.


  A true love is what doesn't strive for busyness, for extravagance, for luxury,and moreover for hokum.


  Only till my natural death.could I tell which of what I have been doing is rightor wrong, so now I have to try to do well in erything, and then wait to die anatural death.